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Your trip in the Business cabin is a high-end travel experience, featuring optimal comfort, pleasure and efficiency. Both at the airport and on board, we strive to bring you well-being and serenity.

A moment of comfort and fine cuisine, Business cabin meal service invites you on a voyage of discovery and surprise.
Upon entering the cabin, you receive your choice of champagne or orange juice, in addition to hot hand towels (oshiboris).

Long-haul flights

With refined details, considerate service, intense flavors, and porcelain tableware, Air France meal service is a truly pleasant experience.

Surprisingly indulgent: a frequently changing menu

On every flight, discover the pleasant surprises offered on our menus, now updated every 10 days for flights departing from Paris. With simple yet refined main courses full of surprising new flavors, Air France meal service provides an exemplary culinary experience, from appetizers through dessert.
Great chefs on board
Embark on an unforgettable culinary experience with some of the most renowned French chefs! Every 6 months, a renowned French chef crafts one of the signature dishes served to you on board our long-haul flights departing from Paris.
Beginning April 1, you can indulge in the gourmet creations of Régis Marcon. This triple Michelin-starred chef prepares quality local products with brio to serve up deliciously authentic cuisine. Following Joël Robuchon, Guy Martin, Michael Roth and Thibaut Ruggeri, Régis Marcon becomes the newest ambassador of French cuisine on board!

Homage to French cuisine

Your meal begins with an array of original amuse-bouches, and continues with a generous sampling of various appetizers and a seasonal salad. Then choose your main course from among our 4 daily suggestions. Finally, top it all off with our dessert trio, followed by a fruit selection and sorbet.

Would you like more time to work or relax? On board, you can request the “on the go” option. Your meal will be served after takeoff. It will consist of a tasty appetizer, a seasonal salad, a selection of cheeses, and our dessert trio.
For breakfast, we provide an assortment of fresh, light items including a selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and cold meats, or a warm meal.

On flights of more than 10 and a half hours, two reserved bar areas equipped with buffets let you enjoy refreshments and meals, relax, or chat with fellow passengers without disturbing the peace and quiet of the cabin. 

Please note: some elements of our meal service may not be offered on certain overnight flights and on flights to certain destinations.

The Air France Cellar

To enhance your meal, we offer you a selection of fine wines and champagnes specially selected by our world-renowned sommelier Olivier Poussier. Tempt your palate with a glass of some of the tastiest French wine available today.

Tasteful tableware

Fine cuisine must be accompanied by the visual pleasure of elegant tableware. For this reason, Air France serves you with new porcelain plates, saucers, and cups, while you will enjoy our wines served in new glassware.

Always available staff

The quick service and attentive staff are on hand to attend to your every need so that you can relax throughout the flight.

Please note: if your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines, certain Air France services may not be available onboard or at the airport.