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Destination Guide: Miami

South Florida sunshine and a Latin American vibe
Shop for beach chic along Miami's palm-lined boulevards, and soak up the sunshine on white sandy beaches. Stroll the pastel Art Deco district of South Beach or sip cocktails at buzzing Coconut Grove nightclubs.

Food and Drink

Fill up on fresh seafood and Cuban flavours. Join the cigar-chomping dominos players of Little Havana for black beans and rice and syrupy Cuban coffee. International flavours meld at contemporary Downtown restaurants, while sweet-and-savoury Creole cuisine fills Little Haiti with spicy aromas.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Miami's star attractions are its beaches. Sunbathe on Miami Beach, where white sand contrasts with the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the gleam of high-rise hotels. Kayak or stroll past native palms on Key Biscayne. Outdoor enthusiasts dive and snorkel the coral reefs of Biscayne National Park, and explore the “River of Grass” at Everglades National Park.


Fill your bags with beachwear and Latin American souvenirs. Designer clothing fills display windows on Coral Gables' palm-shaded Miracle Mile. Pick up hand-rolled Cuban cigars, Panama hats and up-tempo Latin music in the tiny bodegas of Little Havana.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Feel the Latin vibe or cheer on a home run. Cuban mojitos flow at Coconut Grove nightclubs, while samba and reggae beats fill the air. Dance to Afro-Cuban rhythms in Little Havana, cheer on the Florida Marlins baseball team at Dolphin Park, or watch the stars as you curl up on the dunes of Miami Beach.