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Destination Guide: Rome

Romantic ruins, traditional trattorias and baroque antiques
Stroll medieval backstreets to toss coins in the Trevi Fountain. Cross the River Tiber to the Vatican City, or graze on antipasti in the shadow of a palazzo.

Food and Drink

Relax at outdoor cafés, old-style trattorias or bustling pizzerias. The aroma of freshly ground coffee draws travellers to Campo dei Fiori's al fresco cafés. Try ancient Roman recipes like crispy-fried artichokes in the medieval Ghetto's winding backstreets. Enjoy creamy spaghetti carbonara at a candlelit wooden table in a rustic Trastevere trattoria.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Explore ancient ruins and be dazzled by baroque splendour. Wander past the stone angels who guard the Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge, and be awed by the grandeur of St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums. You can retrace millennia of history at the Colosseum, and view architectural perfection at the domed Pantheon. The azalea-strewn Spanish Steps lead to meandering pathways through the Borghese Gardens.


Seek out leather accessories or antique must-haves. Browse fine leather bags and shoes along Via Borgognona or designer labels in exclusive Via dei Condotti. Collectors of cutting-edge kitchen gadgets crowd Via dei Barbieri, while foodies browse fruit and flowers on Campo de' Fiori. Pick up gilded cherubs and candelabras from Via Coronari and Via Giulia's antique shops.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Experience opera under the stars or bar-hop through the city centre. Hear once-in-a-lifetime opera in the atmospheric ruins of the Caracalla Baths. Locals take a leisurely early-evening stroll, the passeggiata, to outdoor bars in Campo de' Fiori. Dance to mainstream disco in Testaccio. Or party with Rome's beautiful people at smart wine bars around Piazza Navona.