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Stay up to date on our latest deals in real time with Air France´s Best Offers app. When you haven´t made up your mind yet where to go, let us help you decide and get the best price!

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Using the Best Offers app, simply enter your departure city, travel dates and maximum budget. In just a few clicks, you´ll discover all the deals that match your search criteria!
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To plan a trip that best suits your interests, please check the app´s “News” section regularly. There, you´ll find information about Air France´s newest products and services.

Browse our destination guides

From photos to videos to can´t-miss events, our destination guides provide an overview of your future destination´s best attractions. Browse the interactive map, check out the guides that interest you and then plan the trip of your dreams!

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Looking to access the offers that best suit your interests directly? To start your search, you can either:

  • enter your search criteria (flight duration, budget, travel theme, weather, etc.),
  • use the search engine "I know where I want to go" and access the rates for the selected destination,
  • explore new travel ideas through the "Inspire me" feature.

The Best Offers app helps you save your searches and reduce time during your next booking. It also enables you to receive personalized offers tailored to your travel preferences.