Damascus - a flight into the past

Damascus - always there making History

Damascus, as old as the Book of Genesis, holds many attractions for visitors, history lovers, and those seeking an authentic Middle Eastern experience. Fly to Damascus and enter a world of Souks, mosques, and early Christians churches and dwellings…Rich with the remnants of many civilizations and cultures, Damascus is a city of architectural wonders and Roman ruins. The fragrance of exotic spices fills the air as you wander the city streets, which are teeming with colorful markets. …
The capital city of Syria, recognized as the oldest inhabited city in the world, now welcomes tourists in its heart: hotels, restaurants, and tours of the Old City or surrounding areas are plentiful, offering visitors a modern and comfortable stay with ample opportunities for exploration of the historical sites, heritage buildings of the Islamic era, the bazaars, and more…

Damascus - walking back in time

From the ruins of the seven gates (dating back to the Romans) to the Chapel of Saint Paul or the architectural wonder of the Damascus Treasury of the Umayyad Mosque, you will be walking through thousands of years of history and culture. The city throbs with the past of the three major religions, with a myriad of churches, mosques, and even a house believed have been inhabited by Abraham. This older Damascus blends in effortlessly with newer elements, such as the Opera House or the bank buildings, thus preserving a unique atmosphere of Middle Eastern delights. Delights that can be tasted and absorbed in bazaarslike the covered Souk of Straight Street, which lies on the site of an ancient Roman temple.
Discover the major historical sites and monuments of Damascus, which include:

  • Umayyad mosque
  • Saladin Shrine
  • Mariamite cathedral of Damascus
  • House of Saint Ananias
  • Al-Hamidiyah Souq
  • Straight Street

The Damascene streets with their traditional, decorative facades add to the beauty and timelessness of the city. A taste of the Orient awaits you in the restaurants within the Old City district, where the past is present on every street and alley corner…

Getting there and out about in Damascus

Air France flies to Damascus International Airport from Detroit. Online reservations for your flight tickets are available: view rates, flight times and prepare your stay. Reserve your flight to Damascus
For more about hotel reservations in Damascus , you will discover a range of accommodations, from self-catering rentals to luxury hotels at the Syrian Embassy website. US dollars are readily exchanged for the local currency at the airport.

For more about visiting Damascus, consult:
Syrian Embassy tourist section
US State Travel information
WARNING: Due to current political upheaval, it is advisable to check with your government's guidelines before travelling to Syria.