Destination of the month: the Mediterranean

A combination of landscapes , colors and traditions...


Athens, the city of the gods.
The streets at the foot of the Acropolis, by becoming pedestrian, have become real promenades, among the most beautiful in Europe.
As for the Parthenon—literally ‘the abode of virgins'—its magnificence has never shone so much upon the rest of the city, which has made it its absolute symbol.


Take a trip to the heart of Croatia and discover the bustling city of Zagreb.
Surrounded by the beauty of nature, Zagreb boasts the most museums per square foot in the world and is home to ample sights, galleries, restaurants and bars.

Tel Aviv

Insolent, secular, and free, Tel Aviv is also precocious having only existed for a hundred years, it has already been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
What could be more natural? With the antique charms of Jaffa, it has the features of Andromeda and we, for her, the eyes of Perseus.
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