Checked baggage

Save time during baggage check-in with EXPRESS drop-off !

How many baggage items can you transport in the hold? What is the weight limit for each baggage item? Which items can you bring with you, and which are prohibited?
Find all the information you need to prepare your checked baggage and check in with ease.

Collecting your baggage

After your flight, enjoy our Arrivals lounge at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.
Upon arrival, take a moment to ensure that you have collected your baggage by:
  • verifying your name on the label,
  • comparing the number printed on your baggage label with the number on the receipt provided at check-in.
Once at your destination, remove the travel labels from your baggage in order to prevent any possible confusion during your next trip.

Collecting special baggage

Strollers, wheelchairs, sports equipment, musical instruments…
These items may not arrive in the standard baggage collection area. Find out where you should pick them up.

Late baggage

A personal needs kit is distributed to all passengers whose baggage is not delivered upon arrival. For passengers who are not returning home, an expense authorization of €100, intended to cover immediate personal needs, is offered.