Checked baggage

Save time during baggage check-in with EXPRESS drop-off !

How many baggage items can you transport in the hold? What is the weight limit for each baggage item? Which items can you bring with you, and which are prohibited?
Find all the information you need to prepare your checked baggage and check in with ease.

A few tips

  • Remember to remove all labels from prior trips, as they may impede the delivery of your baggage.
  • Visibly indicate your name, permanent address, destination address, mobile telephone number and e-mail address on the inside and the outside of your baggage. Suitable labels are available at Air France check-in desks.
  • Avoid transporting fragile items in the hold. If you have no other option, ensure that these items are well protected or in their original packaging.
  • Practical information: baggage protection services are available at New York-JFK airport and at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.
  • Please make sure you provide your contact information before your trip. Through the AF Connect service, we can then contact you quickly by phone, e-mail or SMS in case of baggage delivery delays.

Traveling with a child

  • Traveling with an infant under 2 years old on your lap? Your infant has a baggage allowance that enables you to check in 1 baggage item weighing 10 kg /  22 lb maximum.
    Please note: if you have selected the Mini price ticket, you must pay a supplementary fee to transport baggage in the hold.
  • Are you traveling with a child over the age of 2, or with an infant under 2 years old with his or her own seat? In these cases, your child or infant receives the same baggage allowance as an adult with his or her ticket.
  • You can also transport a foldable stroller and a car seat in the hold at no extra charge.

Sports equipment, musical instruments…

Want to transport a pair of skis, surfboard, or a set of golf clubs in the hold? Do you want to bring an oversized item, a stroller, musical instrument, or wheelchair? Special rules apply to the transport of these items.

An advantage for Flying Blue and SkyTeam Elite members
Are you a Flying Blue member (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) or a SkyTeam Elite or Elite Plus cardholder? To thank you for your loyalty, we offer you the option to check an additional baggage item weighing up to a maximum of 23 kg / 50 lb (or 32 kg / 70 lb if you are traveling in the Business or La Première cabins).
For example: you are a Flying Blue Silver member traveling in the Premium Economy cabin. This cabin´s baggage allowance lets you transport 2 baggage items of up to 23 kg / 50 lb each at no charge. With your Flying Blue Silver card, you can also check in 1 additional baggage item, for a total of 3 baggage items of up to 23 kg / 50 lb each at no charge.