Air France - Sky Team

Unaccompanied children

Is your child traveling alone? Air France staff will provide assistance at the airport, on board, and during connections to ensure your child´s comfort and safety.

At the airport

Please bring your child to the check-in counter at least 30 minutes before the Check-in Deadline for his or her flight. If you checked in your child online, please remember to bring the provisional check-in document.

Your child will be greeted by an Air France agent, who will communicate a meeting time and place. From here, your child´s assistance service officially begins, and the Air France guardian will escort him or her to the aircraft.

If your child is traveling in the La Première or Affaires cabin, we cannot offer him or her access to our lounges. Unfortunately, our staff cannot provide proper monitoring for children in these spaces.

For his or her comfort and safety, your child will receive priority boarding whenever possible. Upon boarding, your child will receive assistance from the flight crew.

Please note: we ask that you do not leave the airport until your child´s flight has departed. This way, if the flight is canceled, you can meet your child and note the details of his or her replacement flight.

On board

Our staff will take special care of your child to ensure his or her comfort and safety throughout the flight.
On intercontinental flights, your child will enjoy games, films, cartoons, radio programs, and receive fun gifts to play with.
Air France provides a meal adapted to your child´s tastes and needs on all flights over 2.5 hours. Starting at age 9, your child will be served a regular meal, but can still receive the children´s menu if desired. In this case, please remember to request the children´s menu when booking the ticket, or at least 24 hours prior to the flight´s departure.

Please educate your child, particularly if he or she is an adolescent, that changing seats is not permitted during the flight and to remain seated upon arrival, until accompanied by an Air France guardian.

Please note: if your child is traveling on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she must remain under his or her guardian´s supervision until arrival.

During connections

Your child will receive continuous assistance from Air France staff during connections. This also applies if you are making the same trip but in a different cabin.
For connections of more than 2 hours*, your child will be welcomed in the Air France UM lounges at Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports.
These lounges are specially equipped to offer activities for everyone: rest, reading, video games (PlayStation 3), cartoons, board games, and foosball (table soccer). Adolescents traveling alone can also take advantage of these lounges.

* 1 hour at Paris-Orly

Upon arrival

Upon arrival, your child will be escorted to the person you have designated for pick-up. Designated individuals must arrive at the airport by the flight´s scheduled arrival time with valid photo ID.

Please note: if your child has traveled on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she will disembark last, accompanied by his or her Air France guardian. You can certainly accompany him or her but he or she will remain under the guardian´s supervision until arrival.
Delays and cancelations
Your child will receive priority care and attention from Air France staff in the case of a flight delay or cancelation. An Air France staff member will remain present with your child at all times, even if lodging is necessary.
We will immediately inform the individuals listed on the UM handling form of any measures taken for your child at any point in the trip.