The Air France travel kit and accessories rated "Best comfort accessories in first class" serve to provide comfort and tranquility throughout your journey.

The Air France travel kit, for a beauty boost

The Air France travel kit is both elegant and functional, containing everything you need to feel refreshed and restored. Inside, you'll find a range of Carita facial and body care products, as well as other comfort accessories such as a comb, an eye mask, ear plugs, earphone protectors and a pen engraved with a winged seahorse, the mark of Air France.

Carita, a beauty institute in the sky

The prestigious Carita Beauty Institute Paris will accompany you on board the La Première cabin. Your Air France travel kit contains a selection of 4 professional beauty products: a "Crème des lagons" moisturizing cream, an anti-fatigue eye patch, a hand cream and a lip balm. Hydrating facial cleansers are also available throughout your flight.

Essentials for your well-being

The Air France comfort kit makes your La Première suite a haven of well-being. With a high-quality cotton bathrobe, slippers and socks, enjoy your moment of relaxation in the sky.

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