The Air France advertising universe
Air France is introducing a bold, fresh style with its new advertising universe. Its visuals combine tradition and modernity, while hearkening back to the iconic poster art of the company's past. Pleasure, freshness and energy come alive in images that reference the Moulin Rouge, the French Revolution, the French Sun King, top chefs, haute couture, and more.

The company's strong French character and the pleasure of traveling with Air France are communicated with a joyful, lively and exciting message in line with the indulgence and art de vivre of French culture. The tone is willfully off-beat and light, creating a complicity and intimacy with the audience.

Air France is also adopting a new signature: “Air France, France is in the air.” Open and international like the company, the new signature also indicates the positive values associated with France.

A selection of visuals

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