You can check in online:
- You can check in online whether you will be traveling alone or in a group, with or without baggage.
- You can also check in for your return flight, if this falls within 24 hours of your departure.
- Finally, if you have a flexible ticket, you can check in for a flight different from the one which you have reserved, as long as there are still available seats on the flight.
- To check in using your mobile phone, you must have a mobile Internet connection (this applies to all phone models and all service providers).
- Online check-in is not always possible on our website for flights provided by an airline other than Air France. To check-in for flights provided by another airline, please visit the website of our partner airline or go to the check-in counter at the airport.

You may check in online, but you must collect your boarding pass at the airport in the following situations:
- Flights departing from Algiers, Cairo, Casablanca, Delhi, Djibouti, Havana, Kinshasa, Mumbai, Punta Cana, Rabat, Santo Domingo, Marrakech, Malé and Tunis.
- Flights between Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Marseille and Tel Aviv.
- Trips including a segment provided by rail departing from Strasbourg or Brussels.

You can check in online and receive your mobile boarding pass by e-mail for the majority of our flights.

You cannot check in online if:
- Your trip includes travel by train (except from Strasbourg or Brussels).
- You used Flying Blue Miles online to obtain an upgrade.
- You are traveling with an animal in the hold.
- Your trip includes a connecting flight which requires you to change airports (except between Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle).
- Your departure city is Sofia (flights provided by Air Bulgaria).
- You booked an additional seat.