5 incredible islands throughout the world

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5 incredible islands throughout the world

In every corner of the world, islands are unique pieces of paradise, whether they are desert or not. It is for you to choose which one you wish to escape to.

The most amazing

Land in Dakar, then head for the island of Fadiouth, 120 kilometres from the Senegalese capital. The last stretch of the journey is on foot across the long wooden bridge which leads to the island of shells, created, it is said, from the accumulation of shellfish caught by women. There, you discover this charming legend and a dazzling bright light against the backdrop of the blue sky.

The most volcanic

From Catania, you take the boat to the Aeolian islands north of Sicily, a two-hour journey. 7 islands offer 7 very different destinations, the most famous of which is Stromboli. From the pumice stones of Lipari to the salt marshes of Salina, your volcanic journey through the Tyrrhenian Sea will be a memorable experience.

The most romantic

“Love” is the watchword of the island of Tupai, both because of its heart shape and its status as a lovers' retreat. Travelling from French Polynesia, stop off at Bora-Bora. The remaining 30 kilometres are covered by helicopter. You will shiver with excitement as you travel above the turquoise waters, before you take the plunge!

The most authentic

Majestic, spectacular and wild… These are landscapes of the fjords in the Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian Sea. A paradise for all lovers of nature writ large, accessible by boat from Bodø, which is 1 hour away by plane from Oslo.

The most unspoilt

The island of Fernando de Noronha is at the heart of the archipelago of the same name, off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean. There, the wildlife is so varied that it attracted scientist Charles Darwin in the 19th century. How can you not fall in love with the natural land and marine landscapes, straight out of a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson?