A colourful haute couture fashion show

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A colourful haute couture fashion show

Admire traditional Panamanian dress, and, especially, the beautiful handmade and hand-embroidered polleras dresses at the Mil Polleras fashion show in Las Tablas.

In the authentic city of Las Tablas, this festival showcases Panamanian gala gowns, worn only for special occasions. Women of all ages, including girls, wear dresses that show off the craftsmanship of seamstresses as well as jewellery (big golden necklaces, coloured pompoms, etc.) and highly coveted headdresses called tembleques that are embellished with beads, ribbons, and decorative pins. The National Queen is elected annually from among the thousands of participants who crowd the streets and dance to music played by men in traditional costumes, the latter often wearing hats with raised edges or panamas. The festivities conclude with fireworks, firecrackers, and rockets, attesting to the country's robust folklore and diversity.

Las Mil Polleras Parade
Las Tablas

14 January 2017