A fantastic wildlife reserve at the gates of the city

wildlife park
A fantastic wildlife reserve at the gates of the city

Created in 1946, the Nairobi National Park gives you an unrivalled chance to see wildlife animals, only a few hundred metres away from the metropolis.

Once you leave the modern comfort of your hotel, it only takes a few minutes to cross the city centre and reach the national park. There, you'll witness a natural spectacle of buffalos, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, antelopes, hippos and rhinos roaming freely. During an impressive and highly immersive promenade on the suspended Nairobi Safari Walk, you'll get a sense of the surrounding fauna and flora's absolute richness.
At the eastern tip of the reserve, make sure to take a detour by the elephant's orphanage of the David Sheldrick Willdlife Trust. This pioneering organisation works on protecting wild species and welcoming young pachyderms. A few more kilometres to the east, make a stop at the Giraffe Centre, a “sanctuary” that allows endangered Rothschild giraffes to reproduce. Within just a few years, it saw about 50 adult animals being reintroduced to various national parks throughout the country.

Nairobi National Park
Langata Road

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Nairobi Safari Walk
Langata Road

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Giraffe Centre
Duma Road

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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Elephant Orphanage
Magadi Road
KWS Central Workshop Gate, off

+254 20 230 1396