A long-distance motorcycle race in the “cradle of humankind”

A long-distance motorcycle race in the “cradle of humankind”

Wake up the biker in you and take on the Great Rift Valley!

It takes about eight days – as well as a lot of dust and stamina – to embark on this extraordinary odyssey, starting in Nairobi and taking you through the Great Rift Valley in the north of Kenya. For lovers of immersive journeys, the “cradle of humankind” is filled with hominid fossils and archaeological remains. As for motor sports enthusiasts, they will feel like living their own Paris-Dakar race.
As you go along, your eyes will feast on majestic and changing landscapes: lakes, volcanic mountains, savannas, deserts… This itinerary will guide you to the shores of Lake Turkana to meet the most ancestral ethnic groups of Africa. Whether you pick a lodge, a bungalow or a bivouac, the experience will be complete, surprising and unique, the kind you have once in a lifetime.
Other routes are worth considering, like for instance the one that goes all the way to the wild coast on the Indian Ocean, the Kilimanjaro Maasai trail also to the Indian Ocean or the Northern Lakes tour.

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