A piano under the skin at Casa da Música

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A piano under the skin at Casa da Música

Music lovers rejoice! Scheduled on a very rich program, Pedro Emanuel Pereira and Alexander Romanovsky interpret Johannes Brahms and Robert Schumann respectively.

Designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, the Casa da Música offers a surprising contemporary and elementary outside shell while the premises are outstanding. You're very likely to fill up your schedule with melodies unheard of as well as smooth serenades just by looking at the rich program.

Running until December 7th, it presents an incredible roll of artists that you will be able to revel in, like Franz Schubert's Sonata in A major, interpreted by Russian virtuoso Arcadi Volodos. Witness the prefect technique of Beatrice Rana playing Johann Sebastian Bach, or Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun by Benjamin Grosvenor. All along that ‘piano cycle', you'll also be able to discover the blooming talents of Christopher Park, Grigory Sokolov's Russian Mozart reputation and Seong-Jin Cho's slides over Chopin and Debussy's music scores. Let your senses find pleasure in exploring the flowing accelerandos and nonchalant staccatos of these genius pianists.

Piano cycle
Casa da Música
Avenida da Boavista 604-610
4149-071 Porto

Until 7 December 2017


Full price: from 20 to 30 EUR
50% reduced price for children, students and music teachers, 25% for members and 15% for seniors

6:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m.