Ahmed Zabana National Museum, learned society

Ahmed Zabana National Museum, learned society

Algeria is the cradle of ancient civilisations. Hence the idea of dedicating a museum to roman and African antiques, numismatic and paintings.

Passion in archaeology goes back to the 1830's and was as present in Algeria as it was in the rest of the Middle-East. This museum was born out of the will of archaeologist Louis Demaeght (1831-1898) to collect in a same place all items discovered in local archaeological digs. It is thus possible to admire two splendid mosaic works from the “old Arzew” site, depicting Bacchus leaving for East Indies.
At the same time, the museum devotes some sections to painting. It is possible to relish some of the masterpieces from the École d'Alger movement which developed in the interwar period, including works by Jean Launois, Léon Cauvy and Paul Émile Dubois. Contemporary Algerian art is given prominence, as remarkable local artists' works cover a period of time, running from the early 20th century to the present day, vouching for the artistic vitality of the country.

Ahmed Zabana National Museum
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31000 Oran

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