Algiers International Festival of Comics

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Algiers International Festival of Comics

This autumn, Algerian comic books will once again have their own festival. This recent and popular event was born only 8 years ago.

The first FIDBA (for International Festival of Comic Books) happened in 2008. The event is the opportunity to bring out the work of pioneers such as Dahmani, Dilem, Le Hic, Gyps and others, while promoting new authors.

In Algeria, the history of comic books began in the 1950's when small albums were being sold in Europe. When the country gained its Independence, the first Algerian cartoonists appeared and were supported by the press. The democratic opening towards more freedom of speech in the 1980's was in favour of the drawings and caricatures found in satirical papers like El Manchar. But then the Black Decade of the Algerian Civil War began, forcing authors into exile and death. The renewed stability of the 2000's allowed for a rebirth of cultural life.

This astounding history can now be relived in situ. Homage has also been paid to Algerian comics in France during the 40th edition of the Angoulême International Comics Festival, and in Paris at the Arab World Institute.

9th edition of the Algiers International Festival of Comics
Esplanade Riadh El-Feth
El Mandaria
16000 Alger

From 6 to 13 October 2016

Free entrance to the premises, debates and conferences (excl. shows)

From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.