All of Italy in your plate

All of Italy in your plate

What if you could taste Roman gastronomy in all its variety and subtlety? Head to Rione 13!

Inspired by its own setting in Trastevere, the thirteenth rione, a Roman subdivision that goes back to the Middle Ages, Rione 13 is a worthy representative.

Give in to innovative and creative dishes, accompanied by a rich assortment of local wines from the most famous cellars of the Peninsula in an exceptional location. While its pizzas are a great pride for the establishment, it also offers a fine selection of signature Roman dishes: on the menu, spaghetti all'amatriciana – spicy tomato sauce – homemade Tuscan bread, carbonara, cold cut platters, olive and cheese toasts, red fruit cheesecake… an enticing menu that you will immediately fall for.

From brunch to dinner time, enjoy the typical flavours of the country revisited in sheer conviviality and good humour, the intoxicating smells from the wood oven as you arrive. In the beating heart of the capital, indulge in the purest culinary traditions of Italy.

Rione 13
Via Roma Libera 19
00153 Roma

+39 06 581 7418

Menu: around 30 EUR