All-terrain adventure

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 All-terrain adventure

Raid des Alizès is about nature, athleticism, and women. And with each team representing a charity or organisation, it is also a solidarity event.

The course is kept secret and only revealed to competitors during the competition. For five days, 180 athletes compete in cross-country, run & bike, and trail riding… as well as a few surprise tests. Each day and night on the ‘Island of Flowers' has its share of mystery and the unexpected. The Raid is a total immersion into the wild and preserved areas of Martinique, its forests and mountains. Depending on how well they've done, each finishing team has a sum of money donated to an organisation of their choice. And, everyone goes home having experienced a sporting and human adventure they will never forget.

Raid des Alizés

From 17 to 21 November 2016

Registration fee starting at 6,000 EUR (includes fees, food, and accommodation)

Free for spectators