An imperial stay at the Aman Summer Palace

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An imperial stay at the Aman Summer Palace

An exceptional stay in a mythical setting gives you the illusion of being the emperor of China.

The Aman hotel, located right next to the Summer Palace, is made up of a series of sumptuous traditional courtyards. As a guest, you can have a private visit to the palace after the gates are closed to the public. The flawless, magnificent decor of the Aman is one of serenity and true luxury in an imperial atmosphere. It is a timeless invitation to travel back to the Ming period.

In the highly refined spa, lighting is hidden behind perforated wooden panels while the pool invites guests to relax and rest.

Finally, no fewer than three restaurants welcome visitors to a gastronomic discovery of unsurpassable standards.

Aman at Summer Palace
1 Gongmenqian Street
Summer Palace

+86 (0)10 59879999

Rooms: from 3,500 CNY