ATA Coffee Shop, cosy and veggie

coffee shop - vegetarian
ATA Coffee Shop, cosy and veggie

An American-style coffee shop in Brest? With a welcoming Nordic atmosphere? Serving vegetarian meals? ATA does it all, and so much more.

In the city centre of Brest, ATA carries a wind of novelty with its Danish coffee shop concept. The large picture windows bring natural light inside, falling delicately on the bench seats and other soft armchairs. Another distinctive feature: everything here is vegetarian. Sweet and savoury dishes of English inspiration are served all day, from breakfast to afternoon snacks and Sunday brunch. You are bound to find the right moment! With tea, coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice, enjoy a variety of cakes, sandwiches, English breakfasts, pancakes, eggs in all shapes and forms, salads and bowls of cereals… Everything is homemade with local products, oftentimes organic. The establishment pays tribute to Scandinavian culture, bringing a homey feeling to the room with its open kitchen and gipsy-bohemian-inspired decoration.

A playground for toddlers will give parents a break, so they too can enjoy a gourmet moment. ATA is already a success, so make sure you book ahead!

ATA Coffee Shop
14 rue Jules Michelet
29200 Brest

+33 (0)2 98 47 44 97

Menu: from 20 EUR