Beach Park: ready for the high dive?

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Beach Park: ready for the high dive?

Rediscover your inner child with the largest water park in Latin America and test your limits!

Your next stop is at Beach Park, just 16 kilometres from Fortaleza. Whether with family or friends, this is THE must-see spot of your trip. Between family attractions and extreme excitement, there is something for everyone. The little ones can roam around and play without risk in the Noah's Ark activity area with waterfalls, ramps and other amusing animations. Grown-ups and teens can enjoy one of the seven water slides of Ramubrinkà and its 25-metre high tower. Thrill seekers can push their limits with the vertiginous Insano and a 41-metre free fall at 105km/h. And if your nerves are still intact, climb onto a four-person water raft to go round and wound down the Vaikuntudo slide, the world champion of the “Tornado” category. Don't be afraid of getting wet!

Beach Park
Rua Porto das Dunas, 2734
Porto das Dunas
Aquiraz - CE, 61700-000

+55 85 4012 3000