Between two shores: the Charles Bridge

Between two shores: the Charles Bridge

Unaffected by floods for 700 years, the Charles Bridge symbolically links Western and Eastern Europe with its triumphant parade of religious sculpture.

Symbol of Prague, the Charles Bridge is a true work of architectural art. Built in the 14th century and the only link between the bourgeois side of the city, the Staré Město, and that of the nobles, the Malá Strana, until 1841, the construction, 500 metres long, is entirely pedestrian.

Come late in the evening or early in the morning to avoid the unending lines of tourists, and wander along the double corridor formed by the lampposts and the baroque statuary of saints.

Aloft between two shores, the Charles Bridge symbolises the physical location of the Czech capital: it links the eastern and western portions of the city as well as Eastern and Western Europe, and like the Saint Angelus Bridge in Rome, it links the sacred to the profane, the sky to the earth.

Charles Bridge
Karlův most
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