Biking around Houhai Lake

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Biking around Houhai Lake

Beijing offers bicycle rentals which make many people happy.

Thirteen million bicycles circulate in Beijing. This is a popular means of transport in the city, which has a flat topography. The shores of the lakes of the city centre, such as Houhai, make for a magnificent ride, which is why bikes are especially popular in this district with its crowds of happy revellers.

You will definitely want to extend your tour in order to discover this very old picturesque neighbourhood. You will need to take the long way round to see the beautiful homes surrounding the lake and historic sites such as the Bell Tower or Tongrendang pharmacy, renowned for its traditional-medicine products.

We recommend you observe the way the Chinese cycle, which is different from ours: for example, they never stay on the bike's seat when they're not pedalling, and they always get off their bicycle when they are about to stop.

Houhai Lake
Shichahai, Xicheng