Black Sesame Kitchen and its host table

Black Sesame Kitchen and its host table

Making new friends and the pleasure of eating.

The Black Sesame has a very original concept: here, you dine together at one big table, where your illustrious dining companions become friends for an evening. Everything is cooked on the spot: with just a snap of your fingers the expert cooks busy themselves behind their stoves, cooking up a variety of the best Chinese dishes. Once prepared, the dishes are divided between all the guests at the table.

Without question, this restaurant will leave a lasting memory and give insight into Beijing's warmth and friendliness. Hidden in the heart of the hutongs, this restaurant is a rising star in the gastronomic landscape of the city. For the most curious, the address also provides cooking classes.

Black Sesame Kitchen
28 Zhong Lao Hu Tong
Dongcheng District

+86 (0)13 9147 4408

Menu: around 350 CNY