Botero Museum: ample curves

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Botero Museum: ample curves

The ideal place to admire the curvaceous figures of the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

In a large colonial mansion of the historical La Candelaria district, the Botero Foundation exhibits the magnificent personal collection of the famous painter and Colombian artist Fernando Botero, whose works were declared a heritage of national interest in 1979. This collection, which the artist donated to his country in 2000, was donated with the proviso that access to the museum remains free. There are women, men with moustaches, children, birds, and instruments a total of more than 120 sketches, drawings, sculptures, and paintings of buxom figures by the artist. The characters swell, the dresses puff, the instruments lose all sense of proportion. Botero's works seduce with their shimmering colours and their playful, exaggerated shapes. The collection also includes paintings by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Joan Miró, Pierre Bonnard, and some sculptures by Salvador Dalí and Max Ernst in all, there are no less than 85 masterpieces by other artists of international fame.

A must visit for art lovers passing through Bogotá.

Museo Botero
Calle 11, 4-41

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