Braemar Gathering with Her Majesty the Queen

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Braemar Gathering with Her Majesty the Queen

Two hours away from Edinburgh, come and join the Royal Family in Braemar in early September to witness the famous Gathering, high point of the Highlands Games.

10km away from Balmoral Castle, the Royal family summer residence, stands the charming village of Braemar, along the Dee river. Each year on the 1st of September, the most famous Highland Game takes place, the Braemar gathering. From less than 1,000 inhabitants during the rest of the year, it grows up to more than 20,000 in order to acclaim their Monarch. Relay races, tossing the Caber, Tug of War, throwing the Hammer, putting the Stone, children's sack race and Highland Dancing are some of the events one may witness.

This major event, marked in stone in the Scottish calendar, allows for the national identity to come to the forefront. The Braemar Wright Society was formally constituted in 1816, six months to the day after the battle of Waterloo, and in 1817 was formally registered as a Friendly Society, now the oldest in the country.

The Braemar Gathering
Braemar AB35 5YU

Samedi 3 septembre 2016

À partir de 22 GPB

9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3 September 2016