Cahuita: the Caribbean version of Costa Rica

Cahuita: the Caribbean version of Costa Rica

This village on the eastern coast is marked by Afro-Caribbean influences; it's a cultural singularity complemented by the natural features of an offshore coral reef.

There are few places in which to swim on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica because of strong currents, sharks, tree trunks, and sediment carried by the rivers rushing down from the central volcanic chain. Yet there is a haven, in the south of the country, where the sea protects us from all these dangers. Around Cahuita, is the national park of the same name, which houses swamp forests as well as coral reefs that can be explored by snorkelling, and a black sand beach, aptly named ‘Playa Negra'.

The small town of Cahuita has another feature: its large Afro-Caribbean community. It is made up of descendants of Jamaican workers employed there more than a century ago for railway construction and work in the Costa Ricanbanana plantations. Creole cooking, reggae, wooden buildings on stilts, and colourful bungalows all contribute to the visitor's pervasive sense of being elsewhere…

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