Canadian housing and design: the Scandinavian influence

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Canadian housing and design: the Scandinavian influence

Scandinavian design has been established in Canada for 70 years, and its aesthetic influence continues today.

Produced by the Gardiner Museum and organised by Rachel Gotlieb and Michael Prokopow, the exhibition ‘True Nordic: How Influenced Scandinavia design in Canada' explores more than seven decades of aesthetic influence in Canadian craft culture. Its pervasive influence is felt in furniture, ceramics, textiles, metallurgy, and glassware.

Nordic design spread quickly from the upper classes—via art galleries and magazines—to the general public, due to the heavy Scandinavian artisan immigration to Canada in the 1930s; soon after, ‘Danish modern' was found in the catalogues of local manufacturers, and it still strongly resonates today in Canadian manufacturing.

« True Nordic : How Scandinavia influenced design in Canada ? »
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From 13 October 2016 to 8 January 2017

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