Cape Town celebrates the Cape Minstrel Carnival

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Cape Town celebrates the Cape Minstrel Carnival

For one day, Cape Town puts on its most beautiful colours, vibrating to the rhythm of the carnival.

A must-attend event in South Africa, the Cape Minstrel Carnival gathers thousands of revellers together each year. This traditional festival dates back to the mid-19th century. It celebrates the only day off granted to slaves, dressed as minstrels, strolling through the streets waving umbrellas to the rhythm of banjos. Adorn yourself in holiday clothes and take part in the parade of musicians, dancers, and acrobats. More than 13,000 minstrels from 70 troops cross the entire city and make their voices heard through numerous local songs. Be sure to also admire the beauty of the handmade costumes. A highly colourful experience!

Cap Minstrels Carnival
Cape Town

2 January 2017