Cervantes at the Palace

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Cervantes at the Palace

The Royal Palace celebrates the 400th anniversary of the death of the novelist, poet, and playwright Miguel de Cervantes with very diverse works from its own collection.

Situated in the magnificent 18th-century Royal Palace, with its Baroque and Neoclassical lines, the exhibition Cervantes en Palacio presents a series of tapestries about Don Quixote, embroidery and pieces of armour of his time, as well as important publications from the Royal library, including the sole manuscript of the play La Conquista de Jerusalén. Cervantes would appreciate seeing the poor gentleman Alonso Quijano, the personal name of the famous fictional hidalgo, or knight, better known as Don Quixote—he who mistook hostels for palaces, peasants for princesses, and windmills for giants—celebrated in the salons of the Royal Palace. It is an exhibition as eclectic in its diversity as the genre of the novel invented by Cervantes.

Expo « Cervantes en Palacio »
Palacio Real de Madrid
Calle Bailén s/n
28071 Madrid

From 23 April to 30 December 2016


10 EUR

10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.