Dante's Inferno, in the subway...

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Dante's Inferno, in the subway...

The metro, a hell on earth? You're not convinced. But in Naples, it takes on a much nicer Dantesque allure.

Sometimes, theatre offers surprising universality to great works of literature. No need to be familiar with the language of Boccaccio to enjoy this magnificent staging of one of the most iconic products of Italian culture: the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and, specifically, its first part: Hell. Masterfully faithful to the original text, it is in the depths of the earth that this adaptation is performed. After a triumphant success in the caves of Perth and Castelcivita, the piece is now at Naple's Metro Museum, 25 metres below Piazza Cavour. Dante himself greets the public, alongside his sweet Beatrice, but the viewer must quickly abandon his comforting company to sink into the ten circles of hell with Cerberus, Lucifer, Ulysses, and Virgil. The music is by Enzo Gragnaniello and staging by Dominic M. Corrado. A unique and fascinating experience.

Metro Museum (Museo del Sottosuolo di Napoli)
Piazza Cavour, 140

Till the 5th of June 2016


25 EUR

Depending on the day, matinée and evening performance times.