Dar Si Saïd, the palace that became a museum

Dar Si Saïd, the palace that became a museum

Former home of a War Minister built in the second half of the 19th century, the place has been turned into a regional arts and crafts museum in 1932.

Within the museum, you will find a lovely patio revealing a carved wood gazebo in its midst, surrounded by flowers trees, flowers and a mosaic fountain. This idyllic setting adds a touch of natural beauty to the visit. When you leave the sumptuous garden and enter the first rooms of the museum building, you will discover the history and beauty of Morocco through the filter of decorative and religious arts.
Most of the items in the collections originate from and the southern part of the country. They are testimonies of regional craftsmanship in the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum exhibits woodwork symbols of Islamic craft, jewellery, pottery, ceramics, weapons, fabrics and various archaeological items. In addition to the objects on display, you will be amazed by the room decoration. Between the chandeliers, engravings and mosaics, you will not know which way to turn in this palace worthy of enchanting Middle-Eastern tales! And you will therefore understand why Dar Si Said is one of the key monuments in .

Dar Si Saïd (Moroccan arts museum)
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