Day of the Dead: a Mayan ritual in Quintana Roo

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Day of the Dead: a Mayan ritual in Quintana Roo

The Day of the Dead is an invitation to the deceased to come and enjoy the feast prepared in their honour.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated everywhere in Mexico, but the ideal place to celebrate it is in the heart of ancient Mayan civilisation, at Quintana Roo, the land of the ‘men of corn'.

To do this, leave the beautiful beaches of the Mayan Riviera and go inland to the villages of the Yucatan Peninsula. In their colourful streets, Mexicans of Mayan descent carry on the tradition of Día de los Muertos.

In each house, an altar is decorated with flowers and offerings. Salt, water, toys, candles—each item has symbolic meaning. Women wearing traditional white huipil dresses prepare a meal that is served by candlelight. The scent of Indian roses and copal trees create a mystical atmosphere. After the ceremony, which is sung, the food is shared, including the famous mucbipollo—corn dough stuffed with chicken and spices.

2 November 2016