Diwali, Mauritius into the light

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Diwali, Mauritius into the light

Diwali, the Hindu “festival of lights”, gives a magical appearance to the beautiful Indian ocean island.

In multicultural Mauritius, Diwali has become a holiday on the entire island. It celebrates the victory of God Rama on the demon as told in the Ramayana. Very joyful, this ancient Hindu festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness. In front of many houses, you will notice powdered Sri Padas (“sacred footprints”), rangolis and mandalas drawn on the floor in front of houses.

By dusk and after the prayers, the Festival of Lights takes on its full meaning. Dyas (clay lamps) and their modern counterparts light up the Mauritian night in rows of glimmering candles. Everywhere on the island, the evening ends with a blast of firecrackers and fireworks in an impressive outburst of popular jubilation.


30 October 2016