El Seed lights up Manshiyat Nasr

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El Seed lights up Manshiyat Nasr

The Franco-Tunisian artist El Seed has changed the image of this district, on the outskirts of Cairo, which sits at the foot of the ‘broken-off mountain' Mokattam.

A calligraphy circle or ‘calligrafitti' stretching over 300 metres and 52 buildings is startling here in the heart of the Manshiyat Nasr district; it's an image that you can only see from the heights of Mokattam, which borders the area. Painted by the artist El Seed, it delivers to this Copt suburb a message in literary Arabic from Athanasius of Alexandria (a bishop from the 4th century): ‘Whoever wants to see the light of the day, must first wipe his eyes.'

Known as the ‘garbage neighbourhood', Manshiyat Nasr is an area that receives 80% of Cairo's waste for recycling and treats 5,000 tonnes of waste per day. The Egyptian capital has become the champion of the world in this category, as much for its effectiveness as its profitability. Thanks to this artistic act, Manshiyat Nasr now has another reason to shine.

El Seed
Manshiyat Nasr

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