Exploring the world's most legendary roads

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Exploring the world's most legendary roads

These roads, often a feat of human prowess, have fascinated travellers throughout the centuries. Go on and heed the call of adventure.

Starting in Chicago, the famous Route 66 shoots out in a straight line across America's open lands all the way to California. This legendary road has inspired many, from writer John Steinbeck and his novel The Grapes of Wrath to the films Easy Rider and Forrest Gump and even the Rolling Stones, who wrote a song about it.

On the other side of the world, Vietnam has its own unforgettable experience for travellers. From Hanoi, you can set off along the Mandarin Road, named for the Mandarins who travelled it in the past. These government officials went back and forth across the country to conduct their legal and tax business. Running from north to south, the lane will take you through some of the most extraordinary places until you finally reach Ho Chi Minh City.

The more adventurous among you will be raring to hit the 5,000 kilometres of Argentina's National Route 40. This incredible road runs near five national parks. From the fabulous Patagonia to the dreamlike Andes, some of the world's most beautiful sights await you here.

If you prefer Nordic landscapes, opt for the Atlantic Road in Norway. With its eight bridges, countless viaducts and many dykes, this artery stretches over eight kilometres of islets and fjords that are typical of the region. It is an experience sure to leave you feeling like a Viking.

Like a modern Marco Polo, you could also follow the Silk Road from Istanbul through the mineral landscapes of Anatolia, the arid lands of Kyrgyzstan, and the ochre mountains of Kazakhstan all the way to ancient China.