Food-cocktail pairings at Edusa

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Food-cocktail pairings at Edusa

Near the port of Nice, Edusa's fusion food leaves wine on the side in favour of mixologist-approved pairings.

At first glance, Edusa looks like a classic French bistro with its long bench seat and Thonet chairs that never go out of style. However, you will soon notice that the high stools around the counter have been replaced by Costa Rican wooden swings, and that numerous exotic items subtly add to the decoration. This mix of styles is actually indicative of Edusa's culinary offer, which makes it a goal to have you travel around the world with a bite. And yet, the true specificity of this address lies elsewhere: forget about the canonical wine-food pairing and make way for cocktails instead – enjoyed in moderation, of course. Here, the Thai sea bream tartare with coconut and pomegranate goes hand in hand with a basil and cucumber syrup gin tonic. The fish burger served with a green pea and mint sauce is accompanied by white martini, limoncello and blackcurrant syrup, while the king prawn risotto is best enjoyed with white rum, peach liquor, lemon and lavender drink. Mixology is starting to earn its place in the world of gastronomy, and Edusa is a proud figurehead.

11 rue Bavastro
06300 Nice

+33 (0)4 93 56 47 42

Menu: around 30 EUR