From architecture to found art

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From architecture to found art

A renowned architect responsible for, most notably, the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca, Azzedine Baddou is also a sculptor and photographer. The French Institute is currently exhibiting his latest works.

Best known for his architectural activities, Azzedine Baddou is also a master in the arts of photography and sculpture. He has retained the principle of always making 3D models of his creations from his early training. He often makes them with found objects because ‘recovered objects' have become his new passion. Bolts, iron wire, and other materials allow him to construct and deconstruct at the same time. He draws inspiration for each work, painting, and sculpture from individuals he has met, and he imagines new characters, often women, that he connects with the Moroccan reality. His vision is always charged with compassion and humanity. The exhibition features his most recent models and is a must-see.

« Échappées d'Azzedine Baddou »
Galerie de l'Institut français
1, rue Abou Inane

Until 29 April 2016