From one cartoon to the next…

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From one cartoon to the next…

While more illustrator than cartoonist, Tomi Ungerer pays homage to Thomas Nast, one of his most important American counterparts.

If you are interested in political cartoons, go see this tribute by Tomi Ungerer to one of the masters of the genre, Thomas Nast. Born in Germany, Nast became one of the most famous chroniclers of Harper's Weekly. It was not his words but his corrosive drawings that made (and broke) many politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, in late 19th-century America. His caricatures were favourable to minorities, and the artist advocated the abolition of slavery. It was he who invented the character of Uncle Sam and the symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties. Not only that, it was Nast who also invented the figure of Santa Claus. His drawings, which deeply influenced American politics, have been brought back to life under the pencil of Tomi Ungerer, who believed in them.

‘Uncle Sam, Thomas Nast and Tomi Ungerer: a social and political satire of America'
Musée Tomi Ungerer
2, avenue de la Marseillaise
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15 April to 16 October 2016

6, 50 EUR

Wednesday to Monday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.