Geneva in chocolate

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Geneva in chocolate

A gourmet gathering allows you to knock at the doors of the best chocolatiers where you can give in to the best in Swiss chocolate.

In Geneva, chocolate, the national speciality, has its rightful place. For its second edition, the Chocolate Rally lets you walk the streets of the Swiss city to meet the master chocolatiers that are able to transcend a simple transformation of cocoa beans to give them an otherworldly existence. Several paths lead throughout the city to chocolate tastings at the best chocolatiers, a gourmet invitation to engage in a treasure hunt, and a quiz rewarded with a draw for prizes. At stake, a 100% chocolate reward. Last year, the chocolate makers Micheli and Du Rhône were major attractions for the approximately 3,000 participants in the (re)discovery of Geneva. The theme of the rally focused on the refined Madagascar bean and cocoa ganache.

The Chocolate Rally of Geneva 2016

1 October 2016

Free admission