Hell's Gate, between heaven and hell

park exploration
Hell's Gate, between heaven and hell

Hell's Gate references the fabulous red cliffs and the scorching heat that prevails. A visit under pressure!

An excursion to Hell's Gate will undeniably be one of your nicest experiences during your stay in Nairobi. Hell's Gate is actually among the very few national parks to allow you free access, whether you choose to visit by foot, bike or car. Surprise and close encounters with buffalos, impalas and giraffes will make your day.
Do not miss the famous Fisher Tower, an impressive deep red rock formation that was used in the 1950 movie King Solomon's Mines, with Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr. Continue the excursion with a detour through the Ol-Njorowa Gorge near the Olkaria volcano, of which fumaroles still blow and witness of its current activity! It is recommended to leave before 10 am in order to enjoy some of the morning's coolness – and make sure you're accompanied with a local guide. Just remember to look up in the air and catch the flight of various birds of prey hovering over this “diabolically” beautiful park.