Holi: a festival of colours in Mumbai

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Holi: a festival of colours in Mumbai

Holi, the Festival of Colours, plunges Mumbai into a unique festive atmosphere.

This iconic Hindu festival is one of the oldest in India. Holi is celebrated with fervour all over the subcontinent. In Mumbai as in remote villages, it marks the arrival of spring and celebrates fertility. It is also called the Festival of Colours because at every street corner happy people dressed in white throw handfuls of coloured pigment. Take part and arm yourself with green, red, orange, or blue powder to throw at your neighbour. Intoxicating and colourful, Holi plunges Mumbai into a carnival atmosphere for a day, punctuated with songs and festive dances. The night before Holi is also unique in this megacity. The Indians light braziers on the streets to commemorate the cremation of Holika, illuminating the Mumbai night with a thousand lights.

24 March 2016