In August, Glasgow becomes the bagpipes capital

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In August, Glasgow becomes the bagpipes capital

This summer, Glasgow hosts the 14th edition of Piping Live! as well as the famous World Pipe Band Championship, created in 1948.

An outcast among music instruments for the longest of times, bagpipes are everywhere to be found today in Scotland. They are made of an air supply, a goat-skin bag, at least one drone and a chanter on which the musician plays the melody. Three pipes – drones – produce constant harmonizing and the blow pipe – chanter – fills the bag with air.
Every year since 2004, Piping Live! has been paying tribute to this very symbolic instrument which allies tradition and modernity. The program of this edition consists of indoor and outdoor concerts, debates, workshops and lessons to learn how to play. Bagpipes will echo with traditional and modern melodies, whether of strict Scottish heritage, or exploring other cultures.
During the festival, the World Pipe Band Championships gathers more than 200 pipe bands over two days, coming from all over the world to take part in the largest manifestation of its kind ever.

Piping Live! et World Pipe Band Championships
30-34 McPhater Street
Glasgow G4 0LU

7 to 13 August 2017 (for Piping Live!)
11 and 12 August 2017 (for World Pipe Band Championships)


From 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.