Independence Celebration, in memory of Libertador

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Independence Celebration, in memory of Libertador

When July 20th approaches, Colombia gets ready to celebrate its independence. Proud of the men that defended the country, Colombians glorify their soldiers in an impressive military parade.

As explorer Alonso de Ojeda reached the Guajira Peninsula in 1499, Spaniards seized this land and founded New Granada. It was not until 1781 that the Creole identity first came up during the Revolt of the Comuneros. A few decades later, on July 20th 1810, a junta headed by lawyer Camillo Torres excluded colonialists from the government who, in retaliation for this insult, had a large part of the insurgents executed.

If the taking up of power by independentistas is celebrated on this date of the fall of Viceroy Antonio José Amar y Borbón, it was the arrival in 1818 of the Venezuelan-born general Simón Bolívar who would declare the freedom of the Spanish provinces. On August 7th 1819, he won a decisive victory over General Barreiro's army at the Battle of Boyacá Bridge. Since then, Colombia has been commemorating independence with a spectacular military parade, whose troops are diverse and amongst whom the presence of women is highly applauded.

20 July 2018

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