Tasting at La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Droite

gourmet food shop
Tasting at La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Droite

With a strong concept, the giant-size gourmet food shop Le Bon Marché crosses the Seine all the way to the 16th arrondissement on the right bank.

Fish, cheese, meat, deli products, produce, wine, luxury items… The list of what you can find at the latest address of the Bon Marché is almost endless. Like its elder located on Rue de Sèvres, the premises can be visited like you would a museum, strolling from stands to counters, and from counters to well-stacked shelves. Gustatory delights come one after the other: black-truffle olive oil, jars of acacia honey from the Jura region, wholegrain brown rice, bars of chocolate from Angelina… In the entrance, the "market square" displays the most beautiful fruits and vegetables, colourful yet seasonal. If you care to have lunch in the neighbourhood, there is no need to venture outside, as Le Rive Droite restaurant located on 2nd floor overlooks the street. Under chef Nicola Iovine's impulse, classics of Italian gastronomy flourish on the tables, from handmade pizzas to burratas supplied straight from Dante's homeland.

La Grande Épicerie de Paris Rive Droite
80, rue de Passy
75016 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 14 38 00