La Poule au Pot: Michelin-starred bistro

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La Poule au Pot: Michelin-starred bistro

With La Poule au Pot, chef Jean-François Piège bets everything on French savoir-faire.

For its reopening in 2018, chef Jean-François Piège and his wife have retained the name of this true institution of the central Halles neighbourhood. A former butcher shop turned artists' den, the place still managed to keep its spirit of old. The copper bar, wallpaper and Art Deco columns are still in place. Same for the small brass plates bearing the names of the celebrities who paid a visit. You will therefore learn that people like Johnny Hallyday, Kate Moss and even the Rolling Stones came to eat here. As for food, La Poule au Pot pays large tribute to French gastronomy, including egg en cocotte with cream, Burgundy pâté, scallops in peppered tomato sauce, veal kidneys in mustard seed... Jean-François Piège's cuisine establishes a new level of classicism enhanced by the use of very high-quality products. The family and inviting setting are a given, with large dishes best shared around the table.

La Poule au Pot
9, rue Vauvilliers
75001 Paris

+33 (0)1 42 36 32 96

Menu: around 68 EUR