Laikipia Park, a diamond in the rough

Laikipia Park, a diamond in the rough

Large and somehow preserved from extensive tourism, Laikipia majestically spreads over 9,500 sq kilometres. It deserves your full-fledged attention.

Here, no lodges or mass tourism! The region indicates the frontier with the desert areas up north. It is surrounded by the Aberdare Range in the south, Mount Kenya in the southeast, Maralal region in the north and the Great Rift Valley in the west. Extraordinary landscapes appear one after the other, from savannas to the large plains of the north and south territories, and the tropical forests in the east. The Lew Wildlife Conservancy fights to promote responsible tourism and offers a slew of activities compatible with the respect of nature.
Between a stop in Timau, the spectacle of a waterfall in Nyahururu, a foot trek and some horseback riding, take some time for a safari in the Aberdare National Park.
Traces of past ranches can still be seen, remnants from the various waves of British settlers who arrived from 1907 onwards. Their modern counterparts welcome a small number of visitors and make sure they'll perfectly integrate the ecosystem.

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